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Our Company

Djerriwarrh is a Listed Investment Company investing in Australian equities with a focus on stocks where there is an active options market. The Company uses Exchange Traded Options to enhance income returns to investors.

The Company pays out a high percentage of profits as fully franked dividends. Dividends are able to be sourced from current year profits, retained profits and profits from the sale of investments.

Djerriwarrh has been in operation since 22 December 1989 and its shares were listed on the ASX in June 1995. There are no entry and exit fees associated with shareholders acquiring or disposing of their shares, other than the transaction costs of your stockbroker.

The specific features available when investing with Djerriwarrh are:

  • Diversified portfolio of companies predominantly in the S&P/ASX 50 Leaders Index
  • Management expenses : 0.45% for the financial year to 30 June 2022
  • Capital management measures, including a dividend reinvestment plan and dividend substitution share plan
  • A Board and investment committee with investment skills and business experience.
  • Instant exposure to a well-diversified portfolio
  • Tax-effective income via fully franked dividends
  • Consistent after-tax-paid returns
  • View Djerriwarrh company reports to explore the numbers in detail.

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